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  • NCST develops and hands over FRIM’s LIVE-WEBSITE

    On 16th January 2018, it was one of the happiest days at the Forestry Research Institute of Malawi (FRIM) when National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST) officials represented by the Director General descended to Zomba, a city on the South Eastern side of Malawi. Zomba is an intellectual hub of Malawi and is a…

  • Mulanje Mountain

    Forests vs Agriculture: Tackling food security and poverty in Malawi In sub Saharan Africa population growth, land degradation and lack of suitable land for agriculture has driven farmers into forested areas. But the relationship between forests, agriculture and wellbeing is complex and the gains that farmers make here are often not enough to keep them…

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  • Management of Forests

    Tackling poverty traps and enhancing safety nets The crucial role of miombo for poverty mitigation is in spite of the fact that miombo is of low productivity and is not well-endowed with high-value timber resources. This makes them less interesting to commercial concerns, but what matters is their high local value to tens of millions…

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  • Training opportunities

    Training opportunities FRIM offers several short courses in all forestry aspects as may be required by clients. The courses have been a useful channel for disseminating research results and findings by other actors in forestry development. Short courses are offered in the following aspects: Collection, handling and storage of tree seed, Tree nursery management, Plantation…

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  • Laboratory services

    Laboratory services provide an efficient level of service and support for the analytical requirements of all the research programmes at FRIM. In addition, analytical services are provided to collaborating institutions and other patrons on a cost recoverable basis. The following major services are provided: soil and foliar analyses, biomass and density determinations, disease and pest…

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